Well…before I get to the really good stuff, I had rehearsal this morning (Saturday) for the Bach Magnificat.  I am the alto soloist.  So I took some pics of rehearsal for you, just to show you it really isn’t all that weird or scary the thing I do for a living.  So, this is the cathedral that I am singing in tomorrow for the performance:


This is a couple of pictures of rehearsal.  Sorry…none of me because I was singing and I wasn’t sure if I was even allowed to take pics, but I sneaked some anyway.


(The synthesizer is for the harpsichord sound.  It is a lot less finicky than a real one.)


The chorus members are on either side, and I am in the front pew waiting to sing a lot of solo stuff.  Blah Blah Blah….let’s get to the fun stuff!

OK…so I get an e-mail from a friend of mine who is the wife of a trombone player in the Philadelphia Orchestra.  It reads something like this:

My husband requests the presence of your husband to play tuba tomorrow at the Kimmel Center for the annual Tuba Christmas.  Come dressed merrily and festively…with your tuba dressed that way too! 

I got this e-mail at 10pm last night.  Well…I sort of MADE my husband say yes to this!  Now you know my dirty little secret.  My husband plays tuba!!  🙂 (he is a German teacher in REAL life)  He is a man of many talents my dear friends.  So…I got out my crafty supplies…and went to town.  How did I do?


So he along with 73 other tuba players played a whole concert for free today in the Kimmel Center.  OK…it REALLY sounded nice.  I walked in a little late from my rehearsal, but was so taken back by the sound as soon as I opened the door!   It was really cool.  He was a BIT intimidated though by the fact that he was sitting in between the pricipal tubist in the orchestra and our friend the trombonist.  I told him they don’t care, it was just about having fun.  Here is a picture of him with the gang there.


That is John, our trombone friend, the principal tubist of the orch. (she is around 22 years old and got that job!  WOW!) and her boyfriend who is also a trombonist.  Here is a pic of a chunk of the ensemble:


Now is this Christmas or is this Christmas!!  LOL!!!!! 

BTW: If anyone is interested in hearing me sing, you can go to my myspace music page and listen.  You don’t have to be a member of myspace to do this.  Here is the link: