Ok…just a few things to take care of before I announce the winner.  First of all, how FUN was it reading all of these entries!!! WOW!!!  Some REALLY BIG surprises on here and even some that had me close to tears!  A couple of things:

Thanks so much Maria for donating all of this amazing product.  Thanks also for all of you who are desperate to play with these blocks.  THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN!  OK… now here is the really imporatant stuff:

The Kitchen Sink will be offering these blocks at this special price of 12.00 for four blocks until this MONDAY.  Meaning, Sunday when the clock strikes 12am, the price will go up.  Also, since they were so popular, she has already gone through two orders of product!  She will be getting new blocks in on the 14th, but you can order them up until Monday for the same 12.00 price.  I just wanted to give you a heads up.  SO…a little bit of a backorder, but you can lock in the price this weekend.  I appreciate the discount she passed onto you from my request.  I wanted everybody to be able to get nice sets for a GREAT price.  She really came through on that.  Don’t forget also that Kitchen Sink will have a new release on Monday!!!!  You will really like them!!

OK…the winner!!!  I picked this number from the random.org website, so all is fair!

The random org number that was chosen was #4, which saved me a LOT of counting down on comments!! 

Trish D!  Send me your snail mail address at oehlers@verizon.net so Maria can send you all of your new goodies!!