10, 9, 8, 7, 6, …The Kitchen Sink Stamps Project is ALMOST here!  I will be launching it on my blog at 11:pm this Sunday night the 25th!!! Should be fun!  Hope you come back to see it…and then try it!  Another Hint?  Hmmm…it will be one of those things that you say “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Maybe you already have but ran into the problem of finding the perfect size item to work with!  HMMM!!!!  The idea for this project has been haunting me for months, and I am overjoyed that Maria jumped at the chance to help me with this project!  So…set your clock everyone, and join me back here for the fun tomorrow night!




Although these projects aren’t finished, this gives you an idea of what I have been working on to fill an order I have.  These boxes will be personalized as well as note cards still to be made, but I have decided to work on that tonight.  Isn’t that ribbon yummy on the bottom box!!  It compliments so well I think!  I used the versamagic brilliance inks that I got over at Kitchen Sink.  Maria told me she has a love affair with inks….I am now starting to understand why!  You should see the pearlescent shine on the glossy cardstock in the first pic!!!  YUMMMMM!!!!!!