I decided to make one of these totes that are everywhere on Splitcoast.  the hold about 4 cards each.  I used the Kitchen Sink Snow Flurry set for the snowdlake in the middle.  I used faux stiching around the sleeve.  At first I liked it with the sleeve not going all the way to the top like I have here, but after looking st the pictures I took, I don’t like it anymore!  Oh well.  This was a fun little project.  Took a little longer than the others I put up here, but the look is worth it.  Here is a link to the tutorial:


I have a ton of cleaning to do around the house today.  I am going to try and be optimistic because I have the day off from teaching and start putting up Christmas decorations.  I KNOW.  You have to understand though.  This is my busiest gig/concert season, so I literally have no time unless I get everything done right before or after Thanksgiving.  After is bad.  REALLY bad.  Then nothing will get done.  I hope to get in as many posts as possible in December here, but you, my dear readers have to know that not only do I have my students Juries to prepare them for at Drexel, but I have to prepare and perform these concerts plus be a mom and wife and housekeeper and cook and present getter and wrapper and ….you ALL know the drill!!!  I hope you understand if I maybe miss a day here or there.  OK…what Kitchen Sink clue can I give to you today???  HMMM…. Ok …it is NOT a music themed project.  As a featured part of the design for my project, I have used one embellishment consistantly throughout my cards for Kitchen Sink.  Jana knows…because she asked me about them before and I told her to get some because she will need them.  SO JANA…NO TELLING!  She may not even be reading this, because she has to cook so much for Thanksgiving this year!  SO…there is another hint.  BBBWWWAAAAAAA…isn’t it killing you?