Here is a nice little idea for the upcoming holidays.  I took a piece of 4×4 glossy cardstock and stamped three trees and the to: from: stamps from Kitchen Sinks “Playful Christmas”.  I took a matching sharpie and drew the lines in before I stamped.  This makes a nice little addition to your book gifts.  I then wrote in the same color sharpies.  I wish you could see how nice and shiny it is.  It is really sharp, but we have a storm here and no light whatsoever.  I have stinky work today, so I have to go out in this yucky weather!  I am still so freaking tired from staying up late at the Papertrey release party.  It was fun though!  Jana, Char, Cammie, Shannon, Judith, so many people were there!!  Cammie was HYSTERICAL.  You all need to go and read through the 16 pages of that thread!  LOL!  Like you don’t have anything better to do!