Sorry about no post yesterday.  It has been raining and down right disgusting here, and I have had NO light to work with.  SO… let me explain:  The first pic is featuring my new watermark from Beth Silaika!  Here is her blog Freckled Fun.  Please purchase a watermark from her if you would like, because they are gorgeous!  My first pic is the only one featuring the watermark because I have had so many pics to take and edit this morning and I have to go to work, so I didn’t have time to play in photoshop.  The first pic was taken last night as a “last resort” picture in case there was no light again today.  The second pic is with light!  Sort of…but at least it is better!  Pictured at the very bottom of the post is this new glue I got?  Does anyone else think this stuff is amazing?  It adheres metal to your paper and comes out like the regular mono glue in the green bottle.  It looks exactly the same!  I don’t know why, but I was expecting clear!  That is what is holding my brass letters to this card. 

I then did a fun halloween card with my voice student who came to visit yesterday.  We made cards and had lunch…another reason why I didn’t post! 

The first card was done by using the pretty petals set with some basic grey dp.  I also used page petal for the centers of the flowers and have a couple of special accen things.  On the back of the card is another flourish that when fully opened, goes to the very top flower.  Also, i put ribon along the bottom strip of the inside of the card so when you close the card, the scallops are flanked by ribbon on the top and bottom of the line.  It is quite pretty. 




halloween2.jpg I made my own sentiment ribbon with stazon papertrey ink sentiment and my orange primacolor marker.  The ribbon was white grosgrain.  I obviously didn’t let it dry enough becasue it did smudge a little, but the pic exaggerates it.  I then put stickles along the top and bottom of the ribbon edge.


glue.jpg Sorry about the blur!!!  The light was REALLY against me these past two days!