If there were any time to want that Gina K beer stamp, it is now!!!  LOL!  Well…there will be no card today, because it is the day for our annual Collingswood High School Oktoberfest, put on splendidly by my loving husband with a lot of help from his crazy wifey!  He hosts up to 500 students from other schools and we make all of the food and fun!  We have a German band play as well as a guy who sells German handcrafts such as smokers and nutcrackers, etc.!  We also get all dressed up…OH YEAH!  The girls and I have dirndls directly from Germany and John wears my great grandfather’s lederhosen!  We always have a ball even though it is super hard work.  The kids in his classes decorate the entire cafeteria and each table has a centerpiece of a “Schultüte” which is a German paper cone filled with candy for German school children entering their first grade of school.  We also hold a raffle for great prizes like gift certificates for the stores in town and other things.  Here are a few thumbnails you can click on to experience the fun in years past!

p1010043.JPG Mein Schatz 🙂

dscn3146.JPG Emma me and Sophie!  They are so little here!

dscn3696.JPG  “RICOLA!”

dscn3151.JPG Schnitzelbank!

dscn3717.JPG  Chicken Dance!!