Ok, so there are a lot of pictures today, which is kind of bad that I have to type so much, because as I was making this tin last night, I stabbed my finger (very hard) with my paper piercer!!  Oh yeah…didn’t tickle and DID trickle!  Anyhoo…I got these tins at Specialty Bottle ***papertrey gods don’t strike me down.***  You have to pay shipping, but I still paid less here.  Anyhoo…Target is also having a sale on truffle Nuggets!  Only $1.88!  My friend picked these up for me when she was there ’cause she loves me!  I had labels anyway, so I decided to throw it together last night.  I used papertrey “Spooky Sweets” and “Holiday Treats” sets.

The second set of pictures is of my girl Emma.  She just started fourth grade and it is so cool to see her developing her gifts.  She loves the violin and had a blast learning the wheel at a pottery class she went to.  Hopefully when her teacher gets back from having surgery, she can start taking pottery lessons again.  This brings me to my womens Bible study book.  This book IS for stamping lovers 🙂  She illustrates how each stamp we leave on our children whether good or bad will be left there forever.  I wasn’t sure about the book at first because I didn’t see a whole lot of references to scripture in the first chapter, but then she has them all over, so that was great.  I have enjoyed reading it very much.  I encourage anyone with small children especially to read it.  I think it is a good book to read to gear yourself up for motherhood. 

OK…something totally off topic:

The weather here in Jersey has just been yucky and weird.  Emma said she saw two cicada’s outside yesterday!!!!  It isn’t even the year for them!  I told her seriously that this is a very big problem caused by global warming.  We have been terrible stewards of our earth.  I have been very mindful of always turning off lights in rooms and having our light bulbs switched out to conserve energy.   Americans are TERRIBLE about their energy consumption.  Just something to try and think about on a daily basis.  Germans would never think about having the size cars we have or the size  refrigerators we have. They have separate containers for three different kinds of waste at home, and that DOESN’T include bottles!  I am not a freak, but we do have to take care of the earth that God in heaven gave to us.  What can YOU try and do today?