Here is a recipe that will please everyone because of how well it can be modified, even for the same meal.  If you have kids you probably have ham and cheese in the house.  The only things you will have to get for this meal may be the spinach, feta cheese and the marinade packet.  This is not a difficult recipe and it cooks quickly.  Believe me, I like things fast and simple but that taste amazing.  Here you go.

Here is your product list:

  1. Pack of Chicken Breasts
  2. 10 oz pack of frozen chopped spinach
  3. Tub of Crumbled Feta Cheese (get flavored if you want!  You will have extra yummy garlic etc. in your food without the hassle of adding it yourself)optional: deli ham and swiss or american cheese slices
  4. McCormick Grill Mates Zesty Herb Marinade Packet (If you are not familiar with this product, it is AMAZING.  The “Grill Mates” are my favorite line of seasonings.  Restaurants use these and the quality is the best on the grocery store shelf.  They also come in shaker form, but the marinade is better for this recipe.  You can shake on seasoning in a pinch though.   (You will need white vinegar and oil for the marinade)

Stuffed Chicken Breasts: 

  1. Make marinade in pyrex or stoneware baking dish.  Put aside.
  2. butterfly each breast cutting them through the side, but not all the way through.  Pound as thin as possible on the cutting board between two sheets of plastic wrap.  This allows for easier cleanup and avoids cross contamination.
  3. put frozen spinach in a strainer and run it under hot water until it defrosts all the way.  Then sqeeze and paper towel dry the spinach so it has little to no water in it whatsoever.  Put the spinach in a bowl and add salt, garlic powder or garlic.  You may be generous with your amount of salt unless you have dietary concerns. 
  4. Add the Feta cheese to the spinch and mix it around.
  5. Put some of the mixture on to the chicken breasts and roll up.  OPTIONAL: at this point, you can add some ham and cheese to some of the chicken breasts to make cordon bleu wrapped chicken.  Or just leave the chicken plain in the marinade.  All in the same dish!
  6. Roll the chicken roll in the marinade to get it covered, but then place the rolled up chicken seam side down as to not have spillage in the oven.

Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 min. 

I had pictures of this dish, but my dear husband erased them by accident.

Since I have no card today, I will leave you with a picture of my girls on a really cool ride in Germany.  They had bungee cords attched to themselves and could jump on tramoplines.  It was really fun and the girls loved it!