Our first recipe is my mom’s and comes from a cookbook she helped to develop when she was an inkeeper in Charleston, SC at the Ashley Inn.  You can cook it tonight because I bet you have all of these ingredients in your cupboards right now!  This is a great side dish to any meat dish or a complimentary vegetarian dish!

Southern Corn Pudding

3 cups corn (I use canned)

3 eggs slightly beaten

1tsp. salt

1/8tsp pepper (I just throw these in til it looks good 🙂 )

3 Tbsp. melted butter

3 Tbsp. Sugar

1  1/8th cups scalded milk (I just throw my pyrex measuring cup with the milk into the microwave for 2 minutes)

Combine ingredients and pour into a buttered casserole.  Bake for 30-40 minutes at 350 degrees or until set. 

THIS IS YUMMY AND EASY!!!!  TRY IT!!!  I have it for Thanksgiving every year!  Reheats well in microwave too!