The random number generator picked comment #10 and the winner is…

“I vote for the people and cool spots in your town. That sounds really interesting and fun! You Rock!”


Congrats Janet, you will be getting your punches soon! 

Thanks so much for your support and visits on my blog.  Hope you try a tutorial.  I am having another great one for Christmas (yes Christmas) or for anytime really coming this week.  It is a REALLY easy to make box!!!  It is so simple and so cool!  Come back later this week and you should see it. 

 The results were overwhelming in my poll to do recipes and to see a little of my town.  Nice choices ladies!  The first recipe will go up tomorrow.  It is for a side dish (vegetarians should approve) and you have all the ingredients in your cabinets and fridge already.  I love it.  Especially at Thanksgiving.  So easy and yummy.  My Mom’s recipe.  Come on back to get it!  I will also take pics of my town and some of the awesome poeple who live there!  Believe me, my town is VERY COOL!!!  You will like this.