gtut1.jpg  Grab the solid daisy flower stamp.  Pick an ink color.

gtut2.jpg  Stamp once on cardstock

gtut3.jpg   Re-ink and make a quarter turn on your block so you will now place the petals in the blank spaces.

gtut4.jpg    It will look like this.  Nice and full

gtut5.jpg  Then take its sister stamp, the smaller one and do the same thing.

gtut6.jpg    after you stamp it twice color the middle in black with a marker of your choice.  I use fine tip sharpies.

gtut7.jpg    Cut both sets of flowers out.  Now you have two set of flowers like this. 

gtut9.jpg    rayerflowers.jpg

I use Rayher laser cut flowers that I bought in Germany for this next step.  You can also just use the large daisy stamp again but only stamp once this time and cut it out.  These flowers are wonderful, becasue at the end you can bend and shape them how you want them.  They come white, so I colored it with my ink pad.

gtut10.jpg  After that is dry now you can layer it.  It goes in this order.  1) Large Daisy 2) one small dimensional 3) Rayher flower 4) two small dimensionals 5) small daisy flower

gtut11.jpg    Pull the Rayher flower petals up towards the small daisy middle.  Now the flower is complete. 


gerberabrownpumpkin2.jpg  I made a one sheet wonder from the beautiful blooms set with two different flowers and that dotted center.  I loved the juxtaposition of the round and spiky flowers together.  I thought it worked out well and made a nice background for the center flower.  I just did some scallops and paper piercing and outlined all of that plus the little corners of the card in white gel pen.  The sentiment is kind of hard to read.  It is actually a dark soft bronze plate that has “Thank You” etched in it.  It is really not that harsh looking in real life.  Sometimes that happens when I photograph metals.

papertreygerberadaisy.jpg  here is another example of the Gerbera Daisy’s.