We are home as of last night, and my house is now a pig sty.  I am too lazy to find my camera and switch out the cards to take a picture of the death and destruction of ripped open suitcase corpses on my living room floor, but I assure you it is an ugly scene.  going to have to re-pack to head to the shore sometime tomorrow.  Man I hate that.  OK…I am over it.

I am so happy though because I am going to see Alison Krauss and Union Station tonight at the Mann!!  WHOOOO HOOOO baby.  I KNOW you are jealous!  OK, maybe not, but I would be if you told me that you were going. 

Our plane ride from Germany was fun.  Yes I am psycho, jumping back and forth between topics, but I am jet lagged!  SO anyhoooooo…saw “Blades of Glory” on the plane!  I was so happy to read that in the little flyer magazine, because I have wanted to see it.  So a few points.  #1:  Uh….not for kids! #2: my kids watched it  #3:  I loved it more than a fat kid loves cake. 

So….that was it…we are safe and sound, and this blog needs some pictures!  How boring is it to come here and look at nothing!  Got some cool card supplies in Germany, so I will  be crafting hopefully sooner than later.  Thanks for stopping by with your morning coffee!