Well…I guess I will be home before I get to write my whole journal out.  We are leaving on Monday morning, but we have experienced so much, as always when we are here.  I think one of the high points that you have not heard about was our trip on a 46 foot cruiser ship named “Proud Mary” owned by our friends who we are staying with.  Our friend is named  Mariele (Mary).  We cruised along the North Sea coast in the Nertherlands, with litteraly, NO clouds in the sky.  Perfect in every way, we docked in Zierikzee for the night along a picturesque setting, which is actually so beautiful it is featured on most of their postcards!  Windmills and all!  They had a fair there for the girls and they got to jump on trampolines as their bodies were attached to bungee harnesses, which allowed them to fly really high in the air!  They loved it!  They also got to ride a nice ferris wheel.  It was the fastest moving ferris wheel I had ever seen!  I think I would have been sick if I went on it, so John hopped on it with the girls. 

I sang last night in the Zitadelle in Jülich…(worth googling) in the Schlosskappele.  Perfect accoustics in this medieval fortress!  This is where they have their high school.  They of course also have an incrdible museum along with this school since it was from former Roman times.  A real treasure for this town and area.  They have a lot of visitors daily.  The singing went well, and I also sang a Brahms duet with a student of John´s and a vocal student of mine.  She was taught by both of us, so it was a very special night.  She will be attending Westminster Choir college in the fall for musical theater.  It is amazing to see so many of my students go into music school.  I remember like it was yeserday that I was the one preparing for that very same step.  The evening finished last night with our girls Emma and Sophie singing “Country Roads” by John Denver.  I think everyone was impressed at how nicely they looked and sang.  They loved it, and so did John!  I was playing the piano for them, so I couldn´t see the reactions, but we had been practicing for a while, and I invited people to sing along during the chorus, and they did!  Such good Germans!  They are the best audience members I have ever seen!  I picked this song because I had heard that they learn it in their elementary school (Grundschule) when they are younger, and that they liked it.  It seemed to be so.  Well…we are off today to a very special park for the girls where they have incredible things to play on like gigantic air pillows that you jump on and huge slides, and even a corn maze.  This should be very fun for the girls, and a well deserved treat for their good singing last night.  SO…off we go on another adventure before time runs out!