Day one of our trip was long.  We had been up for about 20 hours before we reached our hotel.  When we arrived, we could not sleep however, because then jet lag would have gotten the best of us.  Emma and Sophie were doing well, but were starting to experience some gastrointestinal distress due to the time changes and eating patters, such as having breakfast at a time when their bodies are telling them it is 2am in the US. 

The fist day in Berlin was great.  Even though we were still awake after so long.  We first walked around our hotel and found the shops to be very nice and relatively inexpensive.  It was at this point time for lunch, so we found alittle Italian restaurant and had two pizzas between the four of us.  In Germany, the pizza’s are smaller and all have thin crusts.  We ordered pizza Hawaii with ham and pinapple, and pizza funghi (obviously with mushrooms).   We decided not to order anything too experimental for lunch since our systems were still a bit funny. 

Berlin is an interesting city.  The architecture for the most part was not too attractive, and signs of the former east were still very present in the architecture and lack of changes.  It is a very poor city.  It is not uncommon to see advertising wrapped around facades of buildings and churches being restored.  This is the only way a city like this can afford to rebuild.  Unfortunately, I think this is a bit too much like an idea the US would do to pay for things.

After lunch, we walked to the Berlin zoo, and spent our time visiting the animals especially the pride of Berlin, “Cute Knut” the polar bear.  I am glad that we got to see him when he was still relatively young.  This polar bear was rejected by his mother, so the Berlin Zoo took him in, and since the city of Berlin is named after a bear, Knut quickly became a great media giant for the city and for the tourism there.  We had a great time at the zoo, enjoying the animals and the gardens.

After a long day of travelling from Collingswood, and being at the zoo, and barely able to keep our eyes open, we all went to dinner via U-Bahn (subway) into a different section of Berlin.  This section really had the stark block construction of the former East.  A bit ugly, the only towering giants were a couple of radio and TV towers.  We had a great dinner and headed home to sleep.