Collingswood:  We hobbled out of bed after a long night trying to pack all of our things for the trip.  Though progress was made, we weren’t completely succesful, so we knew we had to get up and get moving.  Our alarm came in the form of a phone call from a frantic parent informing us that their daughter’s passport still haden’t arrived, so they were going into Philadelphia and wait in line at the passport office to get on on the spot.  all was fine in the end, and she managed to get one two hours before we left.  Too close for comfort. 

We all headed out to crystal lake diner for lunch before we met up with the students, so we wouldn’t dirty the kitchen before leaving.  We headed to the airport in Philadelphia.  All was fine, but our flight was delayed a bit due to weather.  Of course to me, take- off is the worst part of any plane ride, and after praying all the way up, we finally made it to our cruising altitude.  The ride was occasionally bumpy, but the pilot quickly made the proper adjustments, and I was oddly enough not bothered too much by the turbulance.  The pilots also managed to make up the time we had lost by leaving late, and we arrived on time in Frankfurt. 

After arriving, we quickly made our way through customs (all 23 of us) to get our next flight to Berlin.  A much smaller aircraft, the flight only took us 40 minutes, half in bad weather, half in sun.