HELLOOOOOO!!!!!!  I have missed this blog like crazy!!!!!!  I have missed my computer like crazy!  I have actually been holed up in a Russian-run internet cafe trying to get caught up on my e-mails!  BUT…I am home for today, but unfortunately I leave for Germany tomorrow for a month.  I will be able to check mail there though, and maybe write a little som’n som’n.  SO, last night I frantically made up a bunch of thank you cards, and managed to take a picture, so here they are.  We are always invited to people’s houses for dinner, etc, so I made these up using target dollar spot cards and embellishing them.  Got two packs for a buck!  16 cards!  I just didn’t have time to make all of them, so they are semi- homemade.  The cards say “danke”(thanks) on them .  OK…off to pack.  The girls are so excited.  To all you girls out there who tried a tutorial, I would love to see your work.  I have gotten a lot of positive response about the picture holders!  Thanks so much!