Well…the random number generator picked number 17!

Paula R. Wrote:  One of my most favorite birthdays was just last year. I spent my birthday in Disney World with my hubby, son, daughter-in-law & granddaughters. Enjoying this special trip with my family was the best pre sent ever.

CONGRATS!  You have won a $10.00 gift certificate to Gina K’s store! 

Thanks for everyone who played!  Even if you don’t stamp a gift certificate is fun!

The pictures below are of Sophie opening her favorite gift!  She has been wanting Heely’s for about a year now, and we have said “no….too expensive”.  I think it is important for kids to realize how much things cost and how to be patient.  I DO remember being a kid and wanting things so badly it hurt though, SO, we went in on half of it with her Grammy and Gramps.  This allowed her to realize how expensive they really are that two people had to go in together to get it for her.  Look at her face!  She couldn’t believe it! 

The picture below it is of Emma’s PEP project at school.  She had to do a rainforest animal and she chose an armadillo.  What do we make an armadillo out of?  hmmm.  We were creative enough to look at the animal closely, and I decided it kind of looked like a loaf of bread.  That is an easy medium to cut into as well for the bands on the animal, so well…it is an armadillo out of bread…what can I say?  I know…not much!  🙂  It looks nice in the garden though!  Chocolate chip cardstock, white craft ink, and prima petals go a long way, huh?  Should I put it up on SCS?  LOL!