I hope everyone had a fun weekend!  Happy Memorial Day!  God bless all of our incredibly hard working troops and this wonderful country we live in.    John had to work the whole time we were at the shore, but the girls and I enjoyed the beach and pool and ended up getting very lobster-ish!  Hey…speaking of lobster-ish!  have you seen Gina K’s new stamps?  If you haven’t, you should stop by!  What?  The scallops too?  I know…pretty amazing.  Oh yeah…blog candy!  In thanks for exactly one month of blogging today and over 3,000 hits…how about at $10.00 gift certificate to Gina K’s store?  Fun!  AND Gina said she would throw in a little extra goodie for my winner!  Is she awesome or what?  So nice! 

So…today (Tues) is Sophia’s seventh birthday!  I will get pics.  I haven’t wrapped her gifts yet, but I threw this together when we got home from the shore tonight.  Do you like this use for the beaded pen box tutorial!  So versatile, huh?  The  Starbursts just slide right in!  I am sure in would work with Mentos, or any other candy that is shaped like that.  I am going to go put this on her alarm clock, so she can wake up with a surprise tomorrow morning on her birthday! 

BLOG CANDY RULES: In honor of Sophia’s birthday, comment on  your most favorite birthday present you have EVER received and when it was!    I will pick the winner Thursday night at 8pm.  So comment, comment , comment!