Rebecca from bella carta tagged me, So, here are a couple things y’all may or may not know:

1) I met my husband in college.  He was my teacher!  OOHHH AHHH… he taught me German, and I got a “B”.  Oh yeah, I did.  I was a little distracted!

2) Both of my girls were born on holidays.  Emma (Epiphany Jan 6th, the day the wisemen came, otherwise known as the 12th day of Christmas) and Sophia was born on Memorial Day.

3) When I was two years old, I broke my leg and the Dr. put the cast on the wrong leg!!!

4) I was a double Major in College both in French Horn and Voice Performance.

5) One of my daughters cartoons  “Albert Wienerstein” is on the Rachael Ray show Website and it was on her show, I think!  They asked for it to be, but didn’t tell me the date it would air! 

6) I have only been stamping seriously for about a month!  Hee hee.  Also, I own no more than about 10 stamp sets, which I will keep like that (minus dollar stamps) so I can keep things fresh and new, manageable and affordable!

7) My mom is a chef, and my dad is a musician, so I have this self-employed thing down to a science!

SO…I will tag seven more people, and here they are!

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