Emma and Sophia picked the winning number for the bon bon!  It was #59!  JEANNE! 

Great Blog BonBon! In five years I would like to have a card published in one of the top magazines.. Thanks for sharing!

If you all read these comments like I did, I am sure most of you were very moved by some of them.  This leads me to my answer.  It had very much to do with why I asked this question in the first place.  I heard a sermon preached last summer that changed the way I wanted to interact with people in my life.  So, my goal in the next five years is simple.  My goal is to be more of a compassionate person as Jesus was and always will be.  The message preached focussed on the fact that compassion is not empathy.  Not a feeling towards somebody.  Compassion is a verb.  It is something that you show in doing something about your feelings.  The second part of my question was what are you doing to get there.  Well, if you know me you would understand that I love to talk.  Sometimes even interrupting people mid-stream.  Not a good quality.  I tend to get very excited and passionate, and my mouth explodes, especially while under the influence of coffee (lol).  Well…in order to become a more compassionate person, I noticed very quickly that I need to just be quiet and listen!  To really listen is to learn what someone needs.  I want with all of my heart to get better at this.  I have been making sure that I listen to people and their struggles and needs.  One step at a time, and I have found I can give better advice and maybe help someone.  SO, that is my goal. 

Now… I have been tagged, but I won’t post the answers til later today, because I have to work, but I wanted to share a little picture with you from Mother’s Day.  This is a picture of my girls with their great-grandmother.  John’s grandmom.  She will be turning 104 next Wednesday!  She is still getting around (a little slower now).  If anyone would like to send her a card ***hint hint*** wink wink*** (hey, I mean she IS 104!) just write to me at oehlers@verizon.net and I will give you her address!  So, we have Sophia, Myrtle and Emma (left to right).   PS> I have a really pretty card I finished using the papertrey stamps and the colors in their logo!  Curious?  Come back and see tomorrow!