dscn0034.jpgdiningroomredware.jpgkitchenredwareplate.jpgkitchen-redware.jpgdscn0030.jpgben-franklin-bridge.jpgBeck with cowsSo that was my day yesterday!  Yep…saw all of it, right in Amish country.  Explains a lot, right?  I have to admit, the Santa was hysterical.  We drove past a Christmas museum and about a half-mile down the road we see a Santa jogging in red shorts, white top and red suspenders and listening to a white iPod.  Yeah…I was dying and wanted John to turn around so I could get a picture.  He said no way.  I have readers John!  Don’t you understand? LOL.  We had a great day.  Yes, the two horses…gross.  I have a couple of pics for you.  One is of me and some cows, one is of John and me that I took into the visor mirror of the car, and the other is of the Ben Franklin Bridge.  I also took some pics of my redware at home because I didn’t buy anything today and if you don’t know what redware is, I thought I would share.  No pics of the Amish.  I kind of wanted to leave them alone!  I think it would be so annoying if that were me, so sorry.  You all know what they look like.  My student at Drexel has a funny pic on her site of them if you want to see it.  Go to here and click on photographs.

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS:  Thank you so much Allison for choosing my blog to be your blog find of the week!  I have felt an overwhelming amount support for only starting my blog on April 28th, which was my birthday.  Please visit Allison’s blog which now holds an honorary blogroll spot at the bottom of this page!  THANKS SO MUCH! 

SO…the card today.  I bought some basic grey and immediately not only thought of Emily, but how nice this paper would be in sort of ” sitting in  an English Garden with a book” sort of look.  I had to use the Papertrey stamps, that was my given.  I thought I was going to use flowers, but then when I put the sentiment on and saw how bold it was, I decided instead to do the complete opposite of showy flowers since the paper was also wrought with flora.  I thought I would use that little cricket.  he is almost a “Where’s  Waldo” little guy.  Most importantly, I wanted the side of the card to look like the binding of an old book.  How did I do?  The sentiment is obviously the focus, but I thought it was nice how a stamp could just be part of the ornamentation.  PAPER: SU Sage Shadow, Bravo Burgundy, Pretty in Pink CS.  The DP is Basic Grey Blush.