Or hump day to most of you, but today is great!  Today I get to go to Lancaster with John!  He took a personal day, which I can maybe get him to do once a year, and we are off to see wonderful things and enjoy each other ALL DAY LONG!  Isn’t that nice!  I went to the mall yesterday and got a really cute strapless dress and jeans jacket to wear over top of it.  I also got some fantastic jewelry.  The dress has big olive tone flowers all over it.  Very 70’s.  Fantastic.   I hope you enjoy one of the last cards I am going to make in my Papertrey series.  I am working on one now that is turning out to be quite different from these other ones that I have been making.  Think English garden with a good book.  You will see soon.  Have a great day, and I will share some pics with you all tomorrow!