Wall of MusicJohn and Pancakes

So, we were total heathens today and we didn’t end up getting to church.  I was actually kind of upset that we overslept, because I have been singing in Center City churches for so many weeks now, I was looking forward to being challenged by some good Baptist preaching.  Instead we put on a praise CD and John gave us a devotional.  The girls love this, so it was nice.  They were flipping through their Bibles all over the place.  Our every week ritual is Daddy makes Pancakes on Saturday.  Well this week we didn’t get pancakes in on Saturday because  the girls were at sleepovers.  Instead, since we had time this morning, we made them today.  I just got this nice little pic of John in his robe with his lovely glasses on (I’m dead).  Not to be completely random, but I wanted to share our new office space a little for you today.   The little thumbnail picture over Johns head is my wall of music in our office.  John and his Dad made these bookshelves, and I will show you more of my office in coming posts.  What you can’t see is that John bought those little plastic dividers at Tower Records when they went out of business, and we made up our own stickers to put on them to organize our music.  Well, we must have around 50 categories.  It is heaven, because now everything has a place, and you know exactly where to put it back.  We loved doing this.  It was so much fun to see the things we had and the things we forgot about!  I am hoping to crack open some creativity today.  I spent all day yesterday cleaning, reorganizing and doing about six loads of laundry.  I may post again today if I feel brilliant enough.  Have a great Sunday.