Sorry, I will have no pictures of anything I have created today.  I just was too busy doing music stuff to create anything.  Well, concert season is winding down and I only have two more before summer starts and we head to Germany.  Quidditas starts rehearsal today for our concerts at the end of the month.  I think I may be playing more recorder stuff on this one, besides doing a lot of singing.  Priscilla seems to think it is OK for me to be playing duets with her.  Ha.  At least I will work hard on the stuff and give it a go.  I have made her give me  a couple of lessons which has helped immensely actually.  I decided to learn recorders on my own about a year and a half ago.  I am getting pretty good-ish.  Although I find the air stream to be very hard to manage.  I am used to playing horn, so I have had to rethink a whole lot of things technically, and my huge tongue, as always, is giving me issues.  Well, I try and practice as much as possible, but some weeks I get nothing in.  Obviously singing keeps me too busy to manage some of this practice, and that is OK.  Playing the recorder keeps me learning something new, always.  I also decided to learn how to knit this year.  Well, at least a can now do a mean purl and I managed to finish a couple of projects.

Well, not to change the subject, but this whole myspace page just makes me kind of chuckle.  I hated the whole idea of myspace, and thought it was for bad bands to vie for attention and prepubescent brats to try and get away with making a site, hiding it from their parents and “being cool”.  I was a little surprised to say the least at how many smart people were on this site.  OK, not SO many smart people, but enough to keep me intrigued for more than five minutes.  I have already met some very nice people, mostly not in this country (are you surprised).  I have developed a very nice friendship with a composer in Germany who has sent me some music which I will try and learn over the summer and get performed as soon as possible.  He also has a ten year-old daughter who has already corresponded with Emma.  He and his family live in Bonn, where I am hoping to make a weekend trip this summer while we are there, so maybe we will meet!  So I guess the will of God can even be  found  in the jacked up world of marketing.   God has such a good sense of humor.  He always knows how to “get me”.  Well…have a good day!

Here is some Latte Art while you have your cup of coffee today: