After a long day of some frustrating teaching, I got home around 7:30pm.  Now mind you, not all of my days are frustrating.  It is just mid-term week, and some of my kids are just not working up to their potential.  Basically, I shouldn’t have to keep plunking out notes for them left and right.  The day was not a total week breaker though.  I was completely overjoyed when I found a new item to put paper on in the bookstore at Drexel!  Then of course in the same moment I became depressed.  ***Bangs head on keyboard***, I have no camera to show off my wonderful find, or worse, what I will do with it. 

When I got home Emma was busy on the computer, and Sophie was taking a break after homework and watching a Richard Scary video.  She was excited when daddy told her she and Emma could stay up for a little bit longer to watch the first part of “Dancing with the Stars”.  What an awesome daddy.  A daddy who is,  as we speak,  giving me a back rub.  Did I mention my husband was fantastic? 

So I got busy to work with my new clear plastic, covering it in a furvor!  Well…then I got thinking.  I know who I can give this to!  My secretary has her birthday tomorrow!  Perfect.  It is a clear plastic pen holder that has three tilt out drawers.  I can make her some beaded pens and a card to match.  My dilemma…no camera, no picture.  Just a bad scan of a really nice card with great paper that doesn’t even come out looking right.  FOILED I TELL YOU!  The Nikon devils are laughing as the crafting angels weep in seeing my sorrow. 

I will continue to be longsuffering as I wait patiently for someone to call and tell me the camera is fixed.