Good Sunday morning!  I am off to sing this morning at Holy Trinity in Rittenhouse Square, but before I do, I wanted to post a Sunday morning chat.   I made this card using a new triangle fold.  I like it a lot, and after screwing up the first one I did, I made a couple that came out much better.  I also decided to use a color I would never usually pick out first to make it more challenging.  Pale Plumb.  I also had trouble with this ribbon, because  it was stiff.  I couldn’t tie it in a bow like you are supposed to do, so I decided to treat it like a mans tie.  So I tied it just like that and it held perfectly!  I am sorry about the scans of my pics.  They are all bad, and our camera is in the shop.  My scans never come out with the colors looking right.  That ribbon really matches better than it looks.   Oh well.

I also will try and link up a video of the day as much as possible.  It may not be everyday, because I want them to be good.  I have more videos I posted on myspace, but I will not repeat them here.  This one is good.  have you ever heard an instrument sound like another instrument?  Well…you are about to hear a tuba do a mean impression of a didgeridoo!  .  Enjoy!