The birthday card John made for meTHANKS JOHN!

Well, on my 35th birthday, I have decided to enter the blogosphere.  I have been inspired by a couple of things.  Mostly the blogs I read almost everyday by some really great stampers and papercrafters.  It has been fun reading their stuff and copying it!  This will not be a crafting only blog though.  It will be an almost everyday look into my life where I open up a little window and share.  A sort of “come over to Becky’s house for some coffee” kind of chat.  SO…with that being said…  You may wonder what the heck that word is up there on my banner (that  will get an updated look once my website is done).  Well…a hemidemisemiquaver is a 64th note in music.  So…it is a short note, hence the title of my blog.

Since it is my birthday and my first post, I would like to start off by sharing a couple of things about me if you don’t know me.  My name is Becky Oehlers, or on splitcoast stampers, sing n’ stamp.  I have been married to my fantastic husband John who is a German teacher for almost eleven years.  I have two really great girls who are the little loves of my lives, Emma who is nine and Sophia who is almost seven.  I am a professional singer (mezzo-soprano) and I teach voice at Drexel University in Philadelphia.  If you would like more info., or would like to hear me sing, you can go to my myspace page until my website is finished.

What should I do for my first picture?  HMMMMM!  I know this is a bit dangerous, and you may never want to come back again, but…how about the card that John made for me all by himself!  Tee hee.  Notice the holes made by the cropadile eyelet setter, NOT the hole punch.  So cute.  He should have asked for help 😉  I do like the white gel pen with the black cardstock.  Nice touch!  It is the love that counts though, right?  Please come back and sit a spell…all of the pics won’t be this scary 🙂