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Well…the news is out!!  BOY that was hard to keep a secret!!!  I can’t even begin to tell you how humbled I am to have been asked to join Nichole’s team.  It is the highest honor ever in my opinion.  You all know how much I am in love with the images she puts forth and the quality of the stamps.  I really feel as if I have been selected to be on my very own “Dream Team”.  Unreal.   My singing work just took the most intense turn in the past week and I have litterally only been in my house to sleep.  That is why I haven’t been on here in days.  I am planning on stamping today while I catch up on some chores, but after this announcement, I just want to fly and party!!  I DO want to leave you with my most favorite card that I have ever made with my PTI stamps.  This card was made when I first started stamping so the picture isn’t that great.  It was never chosen for Guest Star Stamper, but I feel that it is some of my best work using PTI stamps.  I still have this card and will never part with it. 


Thanks to all of you for your kind words today.  YOU ALL MEAN THE WORLD TO ME! 



HI!  I made these chipboard letters actually for the card I posted before.  Just by looking at the card, you can tell why they didn’t work!  I didn’t have any room left!  So I saved them and used them on today’s card!  Sorry it has taken me so long to post.  I was having computer isssues as well as it was stormy this morning, so the light gave me a run for my money.  I got out my groovy guava!!  This is a purty color.  I then used of all things blush blossom ink which looks like a stamped off groovy guava.  I wanted the little lady to look softer, and it really worked.  I then used sage shadow over top of her and for the flowers and trail.  I used some Kraft CS to break up the color.  The ribbon is from the dollar bin at Michales.  I am really taking the time to sit down with some music today.  I have a rehearsal tonight, so I want to make sure I have things looked at.  So many solo things to learn this month.  I really am not complaining.  It is my job and my passion.  I guess writing about it reminds me how much I have to keep disciplined.  I was just ear marking all of the Rossini solos last night.  The score is about an inch thick.  It has a lot of choral movements, but it is a mass, so I have a ton of stuff too.  The whole Agnus Dei is an alto solo with chorus.  The music itself is easy to learn, but it is Rossini.  I don’t like big bombastic Italian composers.  Not my cup of tea thanks.  The same day I do that piece, I get to sing the Pergolesi Stabat Mater in the evening with a soprano friend of mine for a benefit concert, which is…my cup of tea!  YUM!!  Stunning music.  My student load continues to be a challenge this semester.  I have some strong kids and some who have just come to class for the first time this semester.  Did I mention that this is the fourth week of classes in a ten week period??  Hellllloooo people!  This is a class!!  You are in college!!You get a grade!  AH…today’s work ethic!!





So here it is!  This is how I used Lisa’s awesome heart notecard prinatable template!  I made this box from transparency and cardstock.  It is 2 inches wide and five inches tall.  I used the heart template as a thoughtful banner around the box attached with twine  in which I wrote things for my friend.  I have written inside: “You make my heart sing,” “I know you will always be there,” “You are always so encouraging” and “You make my day!”..  I then filled it with chocolate pretzel cookies.    All stamps used were from Papertrey Ink’s Sweet Love set. Also remember that this heart was designed by Lisa to fit perfectly inside the new small PTI heart tins!  Go and check out what the other girls made!  Please, if you have or would like to try this, please send me a link so we all can see it!











ptiteasugar1.jpg  Do you know what this is?  Just sugar!  I molded the sugar in some chocolate lollypop molds from the craft store in acorns and leaves.  This is a very simple yet beautiful project!  Just take one beaten egg white and add it a little bit at a time to about 3 or four cups of white sugar (splenda may work too) and add food coloring.  Mix it up until it is a sandy consistancy and put in molds immediately.  You can also try miniature ice cube trays…anything that is a flexible mold should work.  Pack the sugar in well, then unmold immediately onto a cookie sheet.  Place all of the unmolded sugar in a 200 degree oven for ten minutes, and you will have beautifully molded sugar for your tea or coffee!! 


ptitea1.jpg  I decorated the tin of the sugar by using a big chipboard “E” and covering it with chocolate chip ink.  I then placed it where the “E” should go for the word “enjoy”.  This stamp is from Papertrey Ink’s Holiday Treats set.

ptitearedo1.jpg Of course you need some tea with your sugar!  Here I decorated a tea tin using chocoalte chip CS and ink and Papertrey Ink’s Ambassador monogram, Spiral Bouquet (leaf) and My Punny Valentine (acorn)

ptitea2.jpg  The top of the tin was done by using the Holiday Treats set again, with the tea cup for the center of the circle.

ptitea4.jpg  The card was made by using the borders and corners monogram edition as well as the “For You” sentiment from Papertrey’s Limitless Labels set.

ptitearedo2.jpg Hope you enjoyed our tea together!

This is my response to my own project from before, but using the thinner Papertrey Ink boxes that our stamps come in.  These are Dove chocolate hearts:


Using the “Sweet Love” set again:


I covered each heart using the two different heart stamps in the set for a varied effect.  Kind of a “Chiaro-Oscuro” balance.  The paper is “My Mind’s Eye” Bohemia Blossom Birthday Paisley Pink.  When the box is empty there is a fantastic paisley print you can see through to the bottom.  Wonderful.  The ribbon is from Michaels.  These are also more traditional Valentine’s colors.


I stacked them sideways simply because of the shape of the chocolate.  They wouldn’t stay still.  The correct way to deal with this problem would be to make a sleeve for each row so they wouldn’t move and so they could all run up and down.  I was running out of time though, so I opted out of this idea.

Thanks so much for looking!

I know you have all at some point  started with a clear concept in your head when starting a card.  You just know it is going to be great and when things get going…well…everything changes!  This is what happened to me last night as I was making my card.  First I wanted to do this great graphic look using the leaf stamp from PTI’s “Spiral Bouquet” of lime green and black with opposing inks on either I started, and I went to stamp with the Brilliance Pearlescent Lime Dew Drop on the black cardstock.  Boy was I surprised!  I was expecting the lime to stand out.  Nope.  It instead offered me a silvery almost tanny color with a slight hint of green!  UGH!!  This is cool, but not what I expected. Then I remembered I had this amazing metallic cardstock samples from that sustainable paper show I went to.  I was flipping through the book and came across the same sort of tanny color with a beautiful glittery shimmer to it (see second pic).  I decided to go for it.  I stamped off once for the background on the base of the card.  Then I used the small leaf stamp for the background to mount the graphic leaf onto.  BOY…was I surprised when I got it in natural light!  Now it was a crazy beautiful mustardy green and it changed the whole look of the card!  SO…when you look at the pics, you can definitely tell the difference in the color variation from the first three to the last one, which looks like the tan variation!  I am very excited about the complexity of colors on this!  What a happy accident!




ptibloom4.jpg      A bit startling, no??  Hard to believe it is the same card!!  Just from a different angle!!!



trapezoidbox.gif <——–Click Here For Template

Here is a fun and funky trapezoid box I made using a mirkwood designs template.  I used American crafts paper and ribbon and covered the treasures using the new limitless labels set.  This label matched the paper really well…the paper has lots of big circles within circles on it.  I used apricot appeal and gable green and filled in the circles with other colors using my prismacolor markers.  This box is small and holds about four treasures.  You can print out the template…so it is easy to make.  The stamps on the box are PTI borders and corners monogram edition, and a sentiment from the new limitless labels set. I used my paper piercer and white gel pen to finish off the look.

After playing around until very late (3 am) with some box designs that were making me crazy…I…well…gave up.  It was one of those days when nothing was working and I was wondering if I lost my mojo over my little “break”.  Then out of frustration, I looked at my pile of Papertrey boxes I keep that my stamps come in.  I pulled out the thicker size box.  Papertrey Gods…you can fix mojo…right?    And it just kept getting sweeter…





I know…right?  This is right out of a European boutique!!  I love the non- traditional Valentine’s colors too.  It gives it a real Baroque feel without being sickening sweet looking.  This sort of transformed over the course of making it.  I had no clear vision and actually was thinking I would make the sleeve you see here, but then cover the front and cut with my exacto a porthole through the middle.  As it was coming together I thought for a second.  I really wanted to use as many stamps as possible.  At first I thought about using large candy bars, but then I ran to my cupboard (not bare) and pulled out the Reese’s cups and played PLINKO, trying to see if they would fit.  Hello…perfect!!!  UGH…now there was no stopping me…ribbon and all!!  What is Valentine’s without stamped ribbon??? Down the center row I added pearls to the matching outer cardstock Reese’s cups for a little something special to ground the eye and the center line.  This breaks the box up with the ribbon into four quadrants.  I just thought it looked nice.  I used double sided We R Memory Keepers BohoChic Funky Fix 12×12 cardstock so when you look through the box, you can see the other colors of the paper.  Stamps are Papertrey Ink’s “Sweet Love” which I used that exact sentiment for the primary focus.  Hope you “love” it.





I was commissioned to make a set of coasters with family photos on it for Christmas.  The owner has a light blue decor, so I put a hint of light blue on these coasters in the form of velvet paper on the back with a beautiful leaf pattern.  The rest of the color scheme is really stunning.  Grey, silver, light blue and white.  I was so impressed with the “Silver Bells” dew drops.  SO impressed.  I did find an important thing while working on these this time.  Since these are photos, I knew it would not serve me well to use regular mod podge.  So VERY CAREFULLY a took my foam brush and dipped it in some crystal effects and only applied it about an 1/8th of an inch all the way around.  I really could not screw this up since the crystal effects is permanent.  I didn’t, AND it left really no detectable brush strokes.  I was really happy with the result.  I hope you like them.  Maria has these blocks back in stock, so you can get them at the Kitchen Sink Store  for only $14.00 for a set of four.  They are the only 3.5×3.5 clear blocks on the market.



It’s not that I don’t have tins…I do.  I just love to see what boxes I can come up with.  So, I got this box inspiration from a pencil box I saw at the Drexel bookstore.  I bought it and designed this one and made it a little shorter than the one I bought.  Inspiration is everywhere.  I will eventually put a velcro tab or a magnetic tab on the box flap to give it extra security.  It perfectly holds the Hershey’s treasures, even more than the tin holds.  I made sure to keep the beautiful lining of the paper in the slider part facing up towards the viewer.  The backside is just red.  The same idea when you put your sheets on the bed. :)  Have a great day everyone!  I may post the template to this after Christmas, but I am just so overwhelmed with singing and cleaning, I just can’t do it now.  Thanks for being patient!!! 

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